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Testimonials and Press

From the New York Times:
"Miss Carselli possesses the rare ability to be direct and subtle at the same time, and immediately established a certain intimacy with her audience... Miss Carselli negotiated their virtuosic demands with apparent ease... Her sweet-voiced renditions of songs by Respighi and Pizzetti had drama and conviction."

From Shemmi:
"I took voice lessons with Francesca when I was younger and was so pleased. When my daughter started developing a voice I contacted her. I have been so happy with her progress. She sings like an angel!"

From Rachael:
"Francesca started teaching my child when he was four. Today at eight he is playing Clementi Sonatinas, Bach and Schuman. She has not only taught him how to play correctly, but what the music is expressing. She teaches music history as well as the actual music. She is a treasure!"

From Chris:
"Francesca has helped me develop my range and power of my voice. I am a tenor and she has guided me on how to produce my top notes. My voice is freer and more beautiful and my breath has improved tremendously."

From Rose:
"I started studying with Francesca when I was ten years old. I started with voice and piano and eventually switched to all voice. I attended Frank Sinatra High School as a voice major. I am now a senior in college and study with her whenever I come home- Summers, vacations, etc. She has taught how to really sing. I do musical theater and am in all sorts of singing groups at college. When I graduate, I intend to keep up with my studies, while singing in various venues- musical theater, acapella choirs, etc."

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