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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I can feel a difference?
This depends on how you are singing when you come for your first lesson. I will listen and correct you right away. Usually you feel some difference in the ease of which you are singing after your first lesson. After several lessons, there should be significant difference in both your breath control and your vocal range.

How often do I need to take lessons?
That is up to you, but ideally once per week since consistency is the key to success. However, the work does not end when our lesson does. I will teach you exercises you can use at home to strengthen your skills.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
I have a 24 hour cancelation policy. This means that I require 24 hour notice or I charge for the full fee of the lesson. The balance is due at your next scheduled lesson.

What styles of music:
I teach all styles of music.

Do you offer any other services?
I have a recital every year that features all my students. This is great way for you to get performance experience and showcase your progress to friends and family.

I perform background piano for parties and events, as well as singing for events and weddings.

Do you teach any other instruments?
Yes, I am also a piano teacher and have played solo recitals since the age of eight. I have both beginner and advanced students and many people take both voice and piano. I teach a classical method of piano where you learn to read the notes; however, I try to teach songs as early as I can. This is important as it allows you to feel as though you making music not just reading notes.

What is your teaching style like?
I am a warm, energetic and passionate teacher. I love my work and it shows in the way I teach. I make sure that each student feels comfortable and has an enjoyable experience.

Can you provide references?
Absolutely ! On request I will provide the names and numbers of current students who can discuss their experiences with you. Also, please refer to my testimonial page to read more reviews of my work.

How much do you charge:
My rates are fair and reasonable. I am able to accommodate different lesson lengths to fit your budget.

What are your hours?
I have flexible scheduling including weekend and evening appointments.

What ages do you work with?
All ages! My youngest student is four and my oldest is 93. It is never too late to enjoy music.
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