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About Francesca

I am a professional singer and pianist. I have been studying music since I was a young child. I attended the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, one of the most prestigious music schools in country. Over the course of my career, I have sung in a number of venues, including Carnegie Hall. My vocal repertoire includes 25 operatic roles and numerous songs.

In addition, I have extensive experience preparing students for music school auditions. My student acceptance rate for New York City specialty schools ( ie, LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts) is near 100%. Similarly, many students have gained admission to college level conservatories.

I work with students who are interested in improving their voice for school productions, community theater, church choirs and solos, bands, performance opportunities, auditions or just for their own pleasure. I teach a method called Bel canto which means beautiful singing in Italian. It is based on diaphragmatic support - or breath control from the abdomen. I help my students achieve a sound vocal technique. This means they have no tension in the jaw, lips or throat and are able to achieve a beautiful sound with good breath control, smooth legato, dynamic rage and an easier upper register. This traditional method can be applied to many styles of singing including pop,  R&B,  jazz, broadway and classical.

From the New York Times:
"Miss Carselli possesses the rare ability to be direct and subtle at the same time, and immediately established a certain intimacy with her audience... Miss Carselli negotiated their virtuosic demands with apparent ease... Her sweet-voiced renditions of songs by Respighi and Pizzetti had drama and conviction."
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