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Welcome to Francesca's Music School - NYC Vocal Coaching

Do you love to sing, but find it hard to "hit" some of the notes? Do you run out of breath? Do you get hoarse when singing? Do you find it hard to stay on the pitch? It would be my pleasure to help you.

I work with students who are interested in improving their voice for school productions, community theatre, church choirs and solos, bands, performance opportunities, auditions or just for their own pleasure. I teach a method called Bel canto which means beautiful singing in Italian. It is based on diaphragmatic support - or breath control from the abdomen. I help my students achieve a sound vocal technique. This means they have no tension in the jaw, lips or throat and are able to achieve a beautiful sound with good breath control, smooth legato, dynamic rage and an easier upper register. This traditional method can be applied to many styles of singing including pop,  R&B,  jazz, broadway and classical.
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